Corrugated Fin Walls

Tashe’s Corrugated fin walls are formed on a fully automatic folding and welding line. Our corrugated fins are passed for Fatigue Test as per SANS 780:2009 at 11,000 cycles, which is equivalent to 30 years of transformer life.

Corrugations are provided with embossed channels and spot welds for greater stability and effective heat dissipation. Rectangular strip is provided underneath the corrugated walls for greater strength and support during welding to the tanks. Upward or downward edge bending of corrugated walls can be done as per requirements.

Corrugated fins for all four sides of the transformer can be formed in one piece to avoid weld joints. Dye Penetration test is done for every single fin wall for identifying leakage or cracks in welding, thereby ensuring fins are 100% leak proof before delivery.