Laser Coders

Laser coding is one of the most reliable, versatile and cost-efficient marking methods available. 

These qualities make the technology perfect for high volumes of printing, creating easy traceability on food, drink and pharmaceutical products.

A concentrated beam of light is deflected by mirrors through a lens to form characters.

Laser marking and coding achieves the necessary effects by removing material or coating from the product or packaging. This permanently changes the surface of the substrate. 

Accuracy is guaranteed when laser coding, giving you 24/7 operation without the need for users to manually intervene, a Linx SL series laser coder especially bringing return on investment. From the low powered Linx SL101 to the high speed Linx SL501.

Linx Fibre lasers can permanently mark on a wide range of materials, including metal, rubber, plastic, and packaging foils. The very fine spot size creates excellent quality codes and makes Linx Fibre lasers ideal for marking very small components, or large amounts of information onto small areas.

When you receive your new laser coder we will configure it to make sure it uses power cost-effectively and that the laser tube works efficiently, lengthening its lifespan. This means less downtime and maintenance, ensuring you reap all the benefits of lower costs for all your laser coding and marking needs.

Efficient, precise and high-quality laser coding and marking

Low total cost of ownership with predictable costs

Durable equipment which lasts longer

Cleaner and easier to maintain – no fluids or consumables

More environmentally friendly

Code and mark onto a wide range of materials and large surface areas

Indelible codes eliminate the risk of unauthorized removal or counterfeiting