About Us

Industry needs the right services at the right time and at affordable prices in order to thrive in a competitive global environment. We believe Inkjet Solutions provides the right products and services at the right prices and that we are helping industries prosper. Our "State of the Art" product design, economic efficiency of our systems and the high quality of our service distinguish us. Therefore we have, for example, the lowest cost of ownership in the market and offer individual and highly attractive service concepts. Take advantage of this added value, optimize your production and reduce costs. It's worth it!


Inkjet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is privileged to be primarily a distributor of the most renowned manufacturers, who are market leaders in their respective segments. We are the one stop destination for marking & coding solutions on all surfaces and materials. These printers are capable of printing all alphanumeric characters, barcodes, logos, sequential No., real time as well as date and so on. Inkjet Solutions are at the forefront of the very latest market developments and totally in touch with customer needs.

Our business also covers providing services and maintenance solutions in addition to supply of consumables for all equipments.


We have a hand-picked team of professionals with us since years. Each engineer is fully knowledgeable about equipments and processes and can advise clients in detail based on their requirements, thus offering the most cost effective solution.

Our service technicians are factory trained to provide prompt repairs and maintenance. Our team work delightly and efficiently to meet all customer requirement .