Small Character Continuous Inkjet Coding

Transform your production line with small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing technology from LINX. CIJ printing solutions are fast, precise and reliable – so your line keeps moving and your products always get high quality codes. 

Small character continuous inkjet is a non-contact printing method where electrically charged droplets of are expelled from a printhead nozzle at a rate of up to 120,000 droplets per second and accurately propelled onto a substrate. 

This makes CIJ printers ideal for high-speed lines and irregular products across a host of sectors: food and beverage, grocery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, pipe and wire & cable .

The Linx CIJ printhead is world-renowned for its robust design which contributes towards consistent print quality and printer reliability. With no exposed tubing, our printhead can be cleaned quickly and easily, and only needs cleaning once a month. It’s made from stainless steel and all critical components are sealed to protect against damage. All of this adds up to make the Linx printhead the ultimate for reliability which means less downtime for our customers.

We apply the same principles of robust design across all of our CIJ printers:

The Linx 8940 – offers manufacturers a coding solution with the simplest, most intuitive user interface, the fewest maintenance requirements and the most built in features to ensure maximum uptime.

The Linx 7900 printer is designed for advanced coding applications, printing up to 5 lines of text, graphics and logos, and support for up to 5 lines if required.

The Linx 5900 printer applies 3-line batch codes and has a curved, stainless steel enclosure with an IP55 protection rating.

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Linx 8940 Series

Sealed, industrial printhead : is extremely robust and eliminates the need to make manual adjustments that risk damaging critical printhead components.

Up to 100 starts and stops : before recommended cleanings enabled by automatic printhead flushing system.

Simple one-touch : fluid cartridge refills during printing allows for no mess, no tools and no mistakes.

Extended self-service : intervals provide up to 13,000-18,000 hours or 18-24 months of operation between service interventions (See models)

  • Up to 5 lines of code
  • Color touch screen
  • System monitoring reduces unscheduled downtime
  • Line speeds up to 6.25 m/s

Linx 7900 Series

  • Up to 5 lines of code
  • Remote printer monitoring
  • Line speeds up to 8.41 m/s

Linx 5900

  • Up to 3 lines of code
  • Line speeds up to 7.28 m/s