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National Skills Registry (NSR)

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National Skills Registry (NSR)

NASSCOM, through a subsidiary of NSDL has initiated to create, maintain and operate a national database of IT & ITES professionals through a web based system known as National Skills Registry (NSR). This central repository can be accessed by the companies registered with NASSCOM to verify the authenticity of the professionals containing background check information i.e. Personal, Academic and Employment details of the individuals. Whenever employee moves from one employer to the other within the industry, every next employer spends time and effort on the same background check which is a wasteful expense.

NASSCOM is continuously introspecting to find out the areas in which the Indian industry and governance structures and practices that need to be improved to keep its global clients satisfied and increase the non-economic competitive barriers and keep India 's lead. In one of the major concerns to address the issue of time and effort required for quality background check and remove the limitations involved in the process, it has taken the lead by creating National Skills Registry or NSR.

Point of Service (POS) appointed by NSDL Data Management Ltd. (NDML) will scan fingerprints, photograph and signature of ITP and upload the same to NSR system. POS will have a mobile set up that can be installed in the office of the employer so that ITP can save time in completing this formality. The system will issue a unique identification number to ITP. The uniqueness is determined based on the comparison of fingerprint properties registered for other ITPs in the system. Alankit as a POP for NSR has taken a lead by registering over 90% of the professionals through various POS set-up in all major cities. The objective is to create higher standards of recruitment practices which will in turn, help in maintaining India 's Global competitive advantage.