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KYC User Agency (KUA)

Alankit as KUA is eligible to provide e-KYC services to the customers through its network. The paperless KYC experience (e-KYC) helps to avoid the cost of repeated KYC, the cost of paper handling & storage, and the risk of forged documents.

A lot of people in rural areas do not have the documents which would be required for KYC by financial institutions. This will be a good instrument to get new accounts opened, especially in rural and un-banked areas. While the physical KYC process takes five-seven working days, the time would be reduced to three days in the case of e-KYC thus saving time, money and manpower required for the verification process. Using this process will also mean less documentation for the companies and customers.
Managing & tracking of documents becomes easier. e-KYC is highly flexible & easy to use.

Features of e-KYC Service:

  • Paperless
  • Consent based
  • Secure and compliant with the IT Act
  • Non – repudiable
  • Instantaneous
  • Regulator friendly