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Aadhaar Seeding Agency

Aadhaar Seeding is a process by which Aadhaar Numbers are included in the service delivery database of service providers for enabling de-duplication of database.

The seeding process is accomplished in two steps. In the first step, Aadhaar details need to be collected from the beneficiary. The service provider or the seeding agency has to reveal the purpose of collecting Aadhaar details and take an informed consent from the Aadhaar number holder or the beneficiary. The second step would involve the verification Proces. Once the verification is successful with UIDAI’s database, the Aadhaar is linked to the beneficiary record.

Aadhaar seeding is a prerequisite to Aadhaar enabled service delivery. Process of inclusion of UIDs of residents in the database of a service provider e.g. a bank is called seeding.

Why Aadhaar Seeding is required

  • Proper identification leading to better targeting of development schemes provided by government and private sector.
  • Ensuring that all fake, duplicate and ghost records are weeded out from databases so that leakages resulting from such records are plugged.
  • Increased reach and efficiency in delivering many goods and services like PDS, banking and financial services, telecom, health, insurance, education etc.
  • No repeated KYC checks for residents.