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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance at Alankit Limited is founded upon 4 pillars of Core Values viz., Transparency, Integrity, Honesty and Accountability. The Company has laid a strong foundation for making Corporate Governance a way of life by constituting a Board with a balanced mix of professionals of eminence and integrity from within and outside the business, forming a core group of top executives, inducting competent professionals across the organization.

Corporate Governance Philosophy of the Company stems from its belief that the Company 's business strategy, plans and decisions should be consistent with the welfare of all its stakeholders, including Shareholders, viewers etc. Good Corporate Governance practices enable a Company to attract financial and human capital and leverage these resources to maximize long-term Shareholder 's value while preserving the interest of multiple stakeholders, including society at large.

We believe that sound Corporate Governance is critical to enhance and retain stakeholders trust. Accordingly we always seek to ensure that we attain our performance rules with integrity. Our Board exercises its fiduciary responsibilities in the widest sense of the term. Our disclosures always seek to attain best practices in international Corporate Governance. We also endeavor to enhance long term shareholders value and respect minority rights in all our business decisions.