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Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO)

high quality print--- robust and durable

Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) is another high resolution technology printing and coding solution used for marking flexible packaging and labels. The process involves the use of the printer with a ribbon bearing the thermal transfer ink. It is recommended for printing of expiry date, bar codes, logos and other information on food, pharmaceutical and healthcare products that typically employ flexible packs, semi-rigid plastic packs and conformal packaging. The looks are superior to other methods and this makes TTO better than hot stamping and roller coding. It is better when it comes to printing on porous surfaces and uneven surfaces without the need for anypre-treatment. It can print on paper, plastics, wood, leather and painted metals. TTO features high resolution allowing for printing of small character size with inclusion of barcodes and 2D codes with high legibility.

  • versatile & economical

    Achieve the highest level of availability and print quality even on PE, PP, paper, Tyvek etc. with our thermal transfer ribbons specially developed for our ttPRINT. Ink Side IN and OUT films are available in various colours. This ribbon-saving automation is a standard feature in all of our thermal transfer Printers.

  • smart & optimised

    Create possibilities by printing your own ingredients list. Take advantage of the versatility of thermal transfer printing with individual print areas for single or multiline use. Reduce costs for storage of pre-printed packaging materials.

  • intelligent & high performance

    Some of the highlights of the design software ttGRAPHIC are the integration of 1D and 2D codes, connection to SAP and databases. It allows you to fulfil any of your customers' wishes and it is valued by users as it is easy to handle. What you see is what you get!

  • high resolution & flexible

    Our thermal transfer printer ttPRINT is the right choice for high-resolution print quality on flexible packaging materials such as flow packs, tray sealing, film, folding boxes and labels. Whether intermittent or continuous, along or across the grain - you decide!

  • intuitive & rational

    Save valuable production time with our userfriendly operating concept. The comfortable, colour TFT-touch display is interactive and easy to use with up to four printing heads. Clever training programs round off this concept.

  • proven & individual

    The customised realisation of your requirements is top of our list. Benefit from our decades of know-how in application engineering, integration and security when implementing your Project.

No compromises with our Thermal-transfer coding systems

TTO is just as suitable for high rate production runs as it is for small batch automated production environments. It can be supplied as a standalone unit or integrated with a packing system. Printing can be customized with a touch screen interface.

TTO is a contact coder using a thermal printhead to transfer the ink from a wax/resin coated ribbon to the substrate, typically on to flexible films for high quality print, the on going consumable cost is for ribbons and the periodic thermal print head replacement.

Key features of thermal-transfer coding systems:
  • 7" Touch screen print controller for easy operation
  • Graphics editor for simple message creation and editing
  • Zero periodic maintenance, giving very low total cost per code
  • Free text placement and graphic editing charactertools
  • Up to 600mm/second to match most line speeds at 300dpi
  • Real time and date formats, automatic offset, counters, custom date and time formats, production shift and remote field population from database
  • Barcodes, 2D codes and Logo
  • Quick and simple mess free change over of ribbon with minimum downtime
  • Wide range of ribbon to meet the most demanding process
  • LAN and USB interface for remote control and back-up

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