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Laser coding systems

IJPN Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd (Sister Concern)

By 2010 Inkjet Solutions was handling a wide range of products and it was felt necessary to consolidate as well as streamline operations. The result was creation of IJPN Technologies that was handed the specific brief of handling industrial coding and markting equipments to print 1D codes, 2D codes, batch number, manufacturing and expiry date, serial numbers and associated accessories as well as supplies. IJPN handles equipments designed to print on a variety of substrates such as labels, blister packs, cartons and pouches.

The tactical move paid dividends and IJPN Technologies established its own brand identity. The position was futher strengthened by becoming India representative of world renowned Linx Printing Technologies. Tremendous performance earned IJPN the dealer of the year award for 2011. It has not looked back and is on the path to strong growth with plans to introduce even more products in the near future.

Laser coding systems from IJPN Technologies

safe, flexible, durable

Industrial laser printers for marking and coding differ from general purpose laser printers and are customized specifically for this purpose for high speed continuous throughputs and minimum consumption of toner. These laser printers are capable of high code quality and high speed besides being easy to use and also easy to maintain. Running costs are low and these laser printers require low maintenance while working in challenging industrial environments.

Laser printers can be used to print MRP, lot codes, manufacturing and expiry dates, bar codes, graphic symbols and lot codes. Since it uses toners, these industrial laser printers can print on any substrate such as paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, corrugated boards, laminated rolls and foils. Prints are crisp and clear even when printed in small fonts. High speed printing is another feature of laser printers that makes them ideal for high volume production lines.

Inkjet Solutions can also offer laser marking solutions using CO2, UV or fiber based laser sources to mark a variety of substrates.Laser marking is indelible and there are no consumables involved in the use of this technology. Inkjet Solutions provides turnkey solutions for both laser printing and laser marking equipments including training and maintenance.

  • Linx CSL10

    Fast and efficient 10 W scribing laser coder. Designed for simple installation and operation

  • Linx CSL30

    30 W scribing laser coder for marking complex codes on high speed lines

  • Linx SL1

    The Linx SL1 is a compact, cost effective coder, designed to fit easily into production environments where space is constrained

  • Linx SL501

    High powered 50W scribing laser coder – the ultimate choice for high speed coding in even the harshest environments.

  • Linx FSL20 & FSL50

    Code more with fibre lasers from Linx - compact and easily integrated into moving and static coding applications.

  • Linx SLHP

    The Linx SLHP (Scribing Laser High Performance) laser produces superior quality codes at some of the fastest speeds currently available on the market.

No compromises with our laser coding systems

laserSYSTEM technology

Coding your products is now more versatile, more intuitive and more reliable than ever before, thanks to the Linx range of SL scribing lasers. These laser marking systems produce superb code quality and graphic.

Laser coding is one of the most reliable, versatile and cost-efficient marking methods available.

These qualities make the technology perfect for high volumes of printing, creating easy traceability on food, drink and pharmaceutical products.

A concentrated beam of light is deflected by mirrors through a lens to form characters.

Laser marking and coding achieves the necessary effects by removing material or coating from the product or packaging. This permanently changes the surface of the substrate.

Key features of Inkjet laser coding Systems are:
  • excellent print quality for variable data, texts, Barcodes, 2D codes and complex graphics
  • durable, high-contrast coding
  • faster and more flexible than mechanical methods
  • user-friendly and low maintenance
  • full array of options come as standard

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