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IJPN Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd (Sister Concern)

By 2010 Inkjet Solutions was handling a wide range of products and it was felt necessary to consolidate as well as streamline operations. The result was creation of IJPN Technologies that was handed the specific brief of handling industrial coding and markting equipments to print 1D codes, 2D codes, batch number, manufacturing and expiry date, serial numbers and associated accessories as well as supplies. IJPN handles equipments designed to print on a variety of substrates such as labels, blister packs, cartons and pouches.

The tactical move paid dividends and IJPN Technologies established its own brand identity. The position was futher strengthened by becoming India representative of world renowned Linx Printing Technologies. Tremendous performance earned IJPN the dealer of the year award for 2011. It has not looked back and is on the path to strong growth with plans to introduce even more products in the near future.

CIJ coding systems from IJPN Technologies

safe, flexible, durable

Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ) are perfect for printing on flat or curved surfaces. The continuous inkjet printers use dye based inks that will print on a variety of materials and will not smudge easily. Capable of high resolution, the printers can print even smallest fonts and resolve an astounding amount of detail in labels or marks that need to be clear and legible.

Inkjet Solutions offers a range of continuous inkjet printers such as high speed, medium duty and light duty. In addition, we also offer custom special purpose inkjet printers to print in very small areas using single color or multi-colored inks. Specialty printers can print simultaneously and use videojet technologies with capability to print as small as 0.6mm printed height and at speeds of 348 m/min. Specialty printers also have the capability to mark postal bar codes or other specific bar codes where required.

  • Linx 7900

    This advanced continuous ink jet printer offers up to 3 lines of text, graphics and logos as standard, with up to 5 lines available if required.

  • Linx 7900BC

    Combines best in class ink and air knife technology. Perfect for wet bottle coding applications.

  • Linx 7900 Spectrum

    Linx 7900 Spectrum pigmented ink printer – high contrast coding and marking.

  • Linx 7900FG

    A flexible coding solution for printing with food grade inks

  • Linx 7900 Solver

    Designed to reduce your solvent consumption. Reliable printing of up to 5 lines of text, graphics and logos. Choice of an IP55 or IP65 rated enclosure.

  • Linx 7900 Swift

    Reliable high speed printing solution with a narrow print option for compact legible codes

  • Linx 8900

    The Linx 8900 Series codes up to 5 lines including Data Matrix and QR code. Quick message setup. Real-time output measurement and line stoppage reporting – maximise your line efficiencies

The Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Printhead - cleanest - simplest - most robust design

Complicated printheads damage easily; the pipes carrying ink and solvent and the electrical cabling and circuitry are hermetically sealed inside the Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Printhead - Linx making it more robust for everyday operation. Software-managed flushing routines clean the head on shutdown in readiness for a perfect start every time.

Capacity for number of lines of print:
A Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Printhead - Linx is available for most requirements. Up to 5 lines of 5x5 characters can be printed in a range of sizes, depending on the printer and printhead chosen.

Range of Character heights:
A range of message formats (rasters) is available from 5 to 32 drops. For example, a message height of 32 drops could accommodate either one line of 32 drops, two lines of 15 drops, 4 lines of 7 drops, or 5 lines of 5 drops. Any combination of characters may be chosen provided that the number of drops in the characters, including gaps between the lines, is no more than the selected message height.

Low maintenance:
Intelligent ink system enables up to 9000 hours or 18 months between scheduled service intervals. FullFlush® system automatically cleans and dries the printhead and conduit at every shutdown.

Key features of Inkjet coding Systems are:
  • extremely high availability
  • minimal operating costs
  • compact design and protection class IP 65 standard
  • simple, intuitive operation on a large touch display
  • easy integration in networks
  • huge range of inks available
  • very low maintenance

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